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Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen)

Zeppelin University (Friedrichshafen)

Address: Am Seemooser Horn 20, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany               www. zeppelin university .com

There is a well-known college in the area of Lake Constance, Friedrichshafen, Germany. The campus is a small private research university named Zeppelin University or Zeppelin Universität (ZU). Campus concept is built on the vision of a dynamic, humane and environmentally oriented. Since its founding in 2003, ZU known as avant-garde as the campus’s ability to provide advanced facilities. They have a multi-disciplinary research, research centers and specialized labs for teaching and other academic activities. Through the slogan as “university bridging business, culture and politics”, the orientation towards the development of the campus now towards completion of the final stage in the process of academic development. Now Zeppelin University has received recognition and accreditation of ACQUIN, higher institutions accreditation and certification of Germany. ZU has a marvelous facility, a small but modern campus equipped with advanced technology. The number of active students reached 1,200, although there are only a few students, but learning is still running according to expectations. Number of academic personnel reached 217 so it is sufficient to run the academic process.

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