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Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College

address: 16 College Ave W, #01-220, Singapura 138527     www.yale-nus.edu.sg

In addition to autonomous campuses, Singapore also has a flagship campuses merged, one of which is the Yale-NUS College. The college is an institution that was built thanks to alliances between the National University of Singapore along with Yale University. Yale-NUS College was first established since 2011, they have a variety of interesting programs so as to attract the interest of students.Now they have 1000 students who enter the programs.One is science.They became the university with the availability of complete facility as established by the incredible variety of approaches.At first, the inaugural class began in 2012 and occurred during the four rounds.Now that they are implementing the USA educational system where the academic process is done holistically so as to reach a wide range of sectors. Yale-NUS already has 101 academic staff, including 20 of them are professors.They want to improve the standard of education so quickly that the development process will be expanded in the wider space.During the Yale-NUS still evolving, definitely a great choice of going along with them.


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