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West Virginia State University

West Virginia State University

Address: 5000 Fairlawn Ave, Institute, WV 25112, United States

West Virginia State Universityis a kind of black public university historically located in Institute, West Virginia, United States of America. The school is usually referred in Charleston of metro area called as “West Virginia State”or”State”. West Virginia State University was the only African American original group of land grant colleges. It was established in 1890 by the second Morrill Act. Besides, it is the smallest institution of land grant in country. This University is a part of Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Most of the students in this university live in dorms facilitated by on campus. They are from outside of West Virginia in big urban areas. Besides, there are also from rural counties from the state. Those students staying on campus congregate generally at Wilson Student Union. To facilitate the students learning and activities, this university has students’ media. The radio of campus station is one example. It can be heard at WVSU on 106.7 FM locally or throughtinternet. The radio station hosts interviews,live music,and recording artists. Besides, there is also newspaper. Its newspaper is The Yellow Jacket edited and published by students. It can be picked up across the campus in major buildings.

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