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University of Windsor

University of Windsor

Address: 401 Sunset Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4, Canada               www.uwindsor.ca

University of Windsor became one of the educational center in Windsor, Ontario. Although Ontario has many prestigious universities, but you can not get rid of Windsor University from the list of options. The campus is designed as a public research university that puts the research element useful as a primary goal. They really try to empower research into the community so that it can provide comprehensive benefits. Windsor University has a complete facility. They are supported with a range of expert professors in different disciplines. Now the University of Windsor has about 55 professors, lecturers and academic staff number reached 950. The agency continues to evolve to be able to get 14,000 students. They are divided into seven faculties. Some have considered that, Windsor University could be the leading university in Ontario as long as they continue to maintain the achievements, particularly in the fields of natural science, engineering and business. They have a variety of research papers on science that could benefit the community at large.

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