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University of Vechta

University of Vechta

Address: Driverstraße 22, 49377 Vechta                                   site: www.uni-vechta.de

As the symbol of intelligence and integrity, University of Vechta found itself as the mirror of a aesthetical educational philosophy. University of Vechta or known as Universität Vechta is actually a small institutions but considered among best university in Germany. Located in a Vechta Town, Lower Saxony, northwestern part of Germany, it concerns more on social sciences, gerontology, social work, teacher training and also psychology. Those become the main faculty in which student could decide which degree they will belong. Vechta university has more than 5,000 students in 2015, not too small but still need hard effort to enlarge its capacity. Established in 1990, Vechta had ever received their highest achievement as a universitat after hard effort to lift up its class. They grant to run bachelor degree and still trying to get its right to run master degree. It also has a very friendly environment with tons of green leaves plants surround the campus.

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