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University of Tübingen

University of Tübingen

Address: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074 Tübingen               www.uni-tuebingen.de


Tubingen has a large campus named University of Tübingen. The campus is often referred to by various names, but the most common is called the Eberhard Karls University or the Eberhard Karls. University of Tübingen is a public campus for research became an icon of Tubingen, the State of Baden Wurttemberg. The specialty of this campus is located on the campus of age. Eberhard Karls is a campus of the most famous and most parents in Germany. The campus also has a remarkable achievement, in the historical record, a lot of medical research ranging from Tubingen University. The campus is also the best campuses in the field of study of the German language. Even for hundreds of years at the center of theology and religion as it has a strong foundation with the institution of the church in the Vatican. This time, they already had 29,000 students. In fact, this campus has more than 10,000 staff, including employees of the hospital campus. Since its founding in 1477 until now, this campus has had 14 faculties.



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