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University of Trier

University of Trier

Address: Universitätsring 15, 54296 Trier               www.uni-trier.de


As one of the favorite campus, University of Trier has a lot of achievements. They are actually included in one of the oldest universities in Germany. Established for the first time in 1473, the campus was then closed in 1798 because of the invasion of France that made ​​the German fell. In 1970, the university opened again with improvements in several sectors. According to the circumstances arise, there are some circumstances that forced us to take decisive steps. Especially with regard to the establishment of university of Trier as a formal educational institution. Now the university of Trier has 6 faculties with 470 members. This year, there are approximately 16,000 active students who are studying there. They take different fields of study, even 15.5 percent are foreign students. This campus integrates the two branches of science, theology and philosophy. So that the campus is a reference to the theologians around the world.

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