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University of Rostock

University of Rostock

Address: 18051 Rostock, German               www.uni-rostock.de

Rostock is not only famous for Hansa Rostock but they also have great universities and well-known there. University of Rostock is famous campus there, usually called as Universitat Rostock. Established in 1419, the University of Rostock can be regarded as the third oldest university in Germany. In addition, when viewed from the facility, they are the biggest university in the Baltic and North Europe. The University was founded during the Roman Empire where the purpose of the establishment of the campus to becomes the center of the study of theology and philosophy in Northern Europe. Currently there are 20,000 students spread over three levels, undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral. While the number of faculty who owned up to 9 faculties. There are almost 100 study programs are available with several advantages and quality facilities. The campus is considered to have the best facilities in west Europe for the engineering industry and philosophical theology. They developed a wide range of activities, including the hospital campus. Total staff on campus reaches 6,500.

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