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University of Regina

University of Regina

Address: 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, SK S4S 0A2, Canada    www.uregina.ca

When I first heard the University of Regina, you would have thought that the campus is located at Reggina, Italy.Even during this decade, we are thinking about how they treat the development of the campus in accordance with a particular policy direction so as to produce a great campus.Regina University is a public college located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.The campus has been established since 1911 and throughout history were able to get the award.Now the number of active students there reached 14.560.In this way, the campus is able to sustain their existence.Moreover, it has developed more fast.There are 41 programs offered through various channels.If a student wants to take the path of acceleration, they can engage in accelerated classes that include double degree there.You can complete the master’s and bachelor’s degree in just 5.5 years.The opportunity can be obtained because it is the way to achieve them is provided.They also provide a guarantee of career to the alumni of the University of Regina so it can do better again.


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