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University of Passau

University of Passau

Address: Innstraße 41, 94032 Passau, German               www.uni-passau.de

A magnificent campus in Passau, University of Passau is regarded as one of the famous campus. The campus is often called as Universitat Passau. It is strategically located in the heart of Passau, Lover Bavaria, German. History of campus started in 1973 so it may be called as the youngest university in Bavaria so when compared with four other campuses, the University of Passau has more modern facilities. The campus does have strong roots as a center of Catholic theology studies when traced to a few hundred years ago. Now Passau University has opened 36 degrees and postgraduate programs, divided into four faculties. With great ability at this time, Passau University will continue to grow up to be the main campus in Bavaria. In 2015, there were 13,000 active students were guided by about 550 academic staff. There are 240 professors who are highly expert in their respective fields. The development has prompted major growth spurt at the campus.

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