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University of Oregon Address

University of Oregon Address

Address: Eugene, Oregon, United States

University of Oregon is one of great university in Oregon. This school had been so long established. It was established in 1876. There is unique story from this school establishment. Actually, based on the history, this school was established in 1872, 12 October. This school was helped by residents in Eugene. They struggled for helping this school. They helped not only by finance, but from strawberry festival and church social also. This story was really touched. Then, the residents got $27,500 for buying 18 acres.   And then officially this school was opened in 1876.

University of Oregon has good ranking also, however it is based on the faculty category. Talk about faculty, this school has many programs offered. First is Architecture and Allied Arts program, then there is art and science college. Then, there is business program with Charles H. Lundquist college.  If you want to be professional teacher, you can take education college. We can get Law school and music and dance also from this ready. With this many programs and faculty, of course this school has many students. It is around 24.125 students in total, based on data from 2015.


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