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University of North Alabama

University of North Alabama

Address: One Harrison Plaza Florence, AL 35632, United States


University of North Alabama is public university which has motto stated truth and light of the world. It is four year university. The president of this university is Kenneth D.Kitts who leads 322 workers of academic staffs and more than 7000 students. It is located in Florence in Alabama where in urban the campus placed. The campus has 130 acres or 0,526 km squares area in four metropolitan cities with 13 buildings there. UNA offers undergraduates and graduates degrees and provides study of culture, social and economic, arts and sciences, education, health, and nursing. Besides, there are also distinctive academic programs and University honors program. The university is supported with accreditations ranking, and international emphasis.

University of North Alabama was built in 1830 on January 11thstated as LaGrange College. Later, it became the teachers college in 1872 and was expanded to be coeducational college. In 2008, it was ranked as the top tier university. It is because this university always increases its quality and effort of academic.

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