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University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

Address:Parkville VIC 3010, Australia                                         www.unimelb.edu.au

When you try to find the University of Melbourne as the institution of choice, are you sure to choose other universities?Melbourne University is a renowned campus that is designed as a public research university with a wide range of facilities and advanced technology to support various research and development projects.They became the best campuses in Australia’s second oldest college at the same time there because it has been established since 1853. They rank 33rd best university in the world version of the Times Higher Education.The location of the main campus is in Parkville, Melbourne.Indeed, its location is in a suburb of Melbourne, but the location is quite easy to reach. University of Melbourne is divided into 12 high schools that offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate to doctoral.Now there are about 42.560 active students who studied under the guidance of the 4,100 academic staff.Based on our observations, the campus already has a wide range of facilities that encourage campus renowned for developing a broader become more prestigious.

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