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University of Marburg

University of Marburg

Address: Biegenstraße 10, 35037 Marburg,               www.uni-marburg.de

Marburg also has a well-known campus, University of Marburg. The campus is often referred to as the Philipp University of Marburg or Philipps-Universität Marburg. The campus is designed as a campus with the greatest functional completeness, an oldest university in Germany because it had stood since 1527. The campus is a kind of university which has nothing to do with religion. Christian and Catholic theology department had long been removed from the repertoire of science because they put forward the philosophy. Currently, they have 26,000 active students, about 12 percent of whom are international students. While the number of staff reached 7,500. You may be interested because the majority of the population in the Marburg city is actually a student. This is because the number of city population is only about 72,000 alone. So that 30 per cent of the total population is students, so the city is referred to as Universitätsstadt Swering or University Town. The campus is considered as a traditional medicine center of Germany. They are also in charge of the German doctors union, “Marburger Bund”.

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