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University of Lübeck

University of Lübeck

Address: Ratzeburger Allee 160, 23 562 Lubeck, German               www.uni-luebeck.de

As one of the main city destination for studying purposes, Lubeck must have the ideal campus. One of them is the University of Lübeck, a public university with top facilities and quality. They concerned about the problem of pharmaceutical and medical applied science. In 2009 and 2006, they became the best campuses in Germany for the medical field. It is indeed reasonable considering the campus has adequate human resource quality and the best facilities. Lubeck University has an advantage in medical school, but they also have the faculty of technology and natural science. They run the doctoral and master’s degrees in various disciplines. Now there are 25 fields of study that can be entered. The number of active students are now reaching 3,500 students. They were taught by 160 professors and 100 lecturers expert. University of Lübeck has a staff with a total of 5,300 as they also run a largest international hospital in the Lubeck region.So in addition to studying medicine, the degree candidate can be immediately put to practice in the hospital.


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