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University of Limoges

University of Limoges

Address: 39E Rue Camille Guérin, 87000 Limoges, France               www. unilim.fr

University of Limoges became one of the most ideal campuses for continuing undergraduate. If you are planning to get a decent education, Limoges University is our answer to your question. Could not be separated from the attitude of a campus that does uphold a sense of sacrifice, Limoges became one of the ideal campus to spend time together with a few others. In accordance with the initial expectations, Limoges managed to declare itself as one of the campus with the view is quite unique. Could not be separated from all the action, Limoges managed to bring a unique characteristic in some subject areas featured. With nearly 1,000 scholars, you can imagine how conducive academic shades can be created. Active students have reached 15.400 and 20 percent of them coming from abroad. They offer a wide range of undergraduate, master up-docs from various fields. Students only have to choose to take one further study. They were given ample opportunity to enjoy a wide range of modern facilities, complete equipment and support from the government for research. University of Limoges is the best option for you.

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