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University of Kassel

University of Kassel

Address: Mönchebergstraße 19, 34125 Kassel, German               www.uni-kassel. de

Great attention was given to the University of Kassel encouraging progress for the campus. University of Kassel or commonly referred to as the Universitat Kassel is a public university that has a fairly complete facilities. With more than 24,000 students, the campus employs 2,600 staff including 320 professors to deal with education. Established since 1971, Kassel University is able to show progress rapidly enough so as to make the government happy. They have knowledge in various interdisciplinaries coverage, including the engineering and sciences. Now the campus has become a reference for more than 115 countries to continue the study. They are the international classes so many foreign students studying there. They provide a program of intensive courses for the German language. Once completed, they can choose some department to continue the study, such as: Natural Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Architecture; Urban Planning and Landscape Planning, International Agriculture and Environmental Protection; Social Sciences; Humanities; Fine Arts. Kassel is also frequently visited by over 100 scholars every year to carry out some important projects.

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