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University of Heilbronn

University of Heilbronn

Address: Robert-Bosch-Straße, 74 081 Heilbronn, Germany               www.hs-heilbronn.de

University of Heilbronn otherwise known as the Hochschule Heilbronn is located in Heilbronn-Sontheim, Germany. The campus is included in the German University of Applied Sciences and is regarded as one of the prestigious campus there. With top rankings among other educational institutions in the State of Baden-Württemberg, popularity of University of Heilbronn has spread to the tip of Europe.They have 8,900 students that are divided into 7 faculties and 44 study programs.Based on Webometrics, the campus is ranked top 40 in Germany so that it can be considered if you want to study there.Heilbronn University is committed to continue to serve the public with education, knowledge transfer and to create cooperation among the public by opening partnership in business, industry and several other cooperation.They managed to create a learning environment conducive to the surrounding communities so as to facilitate the development of the campus.Heilbronn successfully integrates the theory with applied science that concept created not just a discourse, but it can provide benefits broadly.Now owned facilities already very complete, including adequate human resources. Backed by 178 academic staffs.


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