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University of Giessen

University of Giessen

Address: Ludwigstrasse 23, 35390 Gießen, Germany               www.uni-giessen.de

If you go to Giessen, you will find the University of Giessen stands there. It has a formal name Jus tus Liebig-Universität-Gießen, Giessen University is considered as one of the public research university prestigious in Giessen, Hesse, Germany. Name the campus is taken from one of the founding members of the most famous, Justus Liebig, the originator of agriculture modern by using artificial fertilizers. In addition, University of Giessenhas a high concern in the field of business, humanities, arts, dentistry, and science, veterinary and social.The campus also has a famous hospital, Gießen Hospital.In addition to focusing on medicine, the campus is preparing 11 faculties from various disciplines, providing more than 120 study programs with a high accreditation.The number of active students there reached 29,000 people so Giessen became one of the largest campuses in Hesse.Number of academic staff reached 2,100, while 310 of them are professors.This proves how the quality of teaching is owned by GU. The campus is already listed as one of the best University in Germany.


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