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University of Flensburg

University of Flensburg

Address: Aufdem Campus 1, 24943 Flensburg, Germany               www.uni-flensburg.de

One of the other famous campuses located in Flensburg is the University of Flensburg, the educational process is being executed may not be too successful. Established since 1994, Flensburg University is a public research university with several advantages. So how do you solve the problem? The campus has full rights to run the PhD program. While the interaction is going on. Why these experiments done seriously? We get the information that the current programs related to education and social sciences become the meeting point to be developed further. Some of the special features available for the study, each scholar is entitled to use it. University of Flensburg has more than 4,200 students. While academis staff of 400 professors, aided by 200 permanent employees. There are five major faculties are ready to be selected. You need to look at the laboratories provided. There are lots of great facilities that are able to help students carry out various studies. Students can choose more than 35 programs of study. They will be directed according passion.


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