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University of Bielefeld

University of Bielefeld

Address: Universitätsstraße 25, 33615 Bielefeld,               www.uni-bielefeld.de

University of Bielefeld become one of the important reference when you are thinking of college. On this campus, you will get a conducive learning atmosphere with classy facilities and means so as to support the advancement of learning. Students can freely create, conduct various studies and projects as well as building ideal elements in order to uphold a foundation of development. University of Bielefeld or Universität Bielefeld is a campus which is designed as a public research university. The campus has a history since 1969 when Germany was still divided into two parts. The campus development objective is to synergize between research and teaching. So they are busy developing a course in the field of research. Besides being able to give a great contribution to science, campus elections as the consolidation effort is already a precise picture of the development of the campus. Focus Bielefeld University lies in interdisciplinary research. They run 13 faculties and 100 programs of study where each faculty has great facilities so as to enable them to carry out research and teaching at the same time. The number of active students reaches 18.290.

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