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University of Avignon

University of Avignon

Address: 74 Rue Louis Pasteur, 84000 Avignon, France                 www.univ-avignon.fr

University of Avignon became one of the main targets students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies. They want to feel the atmosphere conducive education and able to provide the experience is not limited to how to plan renewal. With 7,600 students in 2015, Avignon was still halfway to the major universities. They had to fight hard, but at least we know that they are on the right track. They now have a dozen faculty, including: Geography, History, Information and Communication, Foreign Languages, French Literature, Languages, Literatures and Foreign Civilizations, Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Sport, Economic and Social Administration, Law , Economy, Management. Students have a right to decide where they are going to college. University of Avignon provide escort, 100 prominent professors, including professors.They will be one of the great campus with extraordinary abilities.In the future, we will see progress and discoveries comes from Avignon University.

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