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University of Arizona

University of Arizona

Address: Tucson, AZ 85721, United States

University of Arizona is public flagship research University that has motto stating to bear down Arizona. The motto means that this university wants to improve lives and enrich the prospects of Arizona people through education, creative expression, research, and also business partnership. It has over 3000 academic staffs and more than 40000 students leaded by the president Ann Weaver Hart. The students are over 31000 students from undergraduate degrees, more than 7400 students of postgraduate degrees, and over 1500 students of doctoral students. It was located in Tucson, Arizona, United States in urban area above 380 acres or 1.5 km squares. This university has newspaper named Arizona Daily Wildcat. Wildcat is the name of this university mascot with 18 varsity teams. University of Arizona was first established in 1885 with old name called University of Arizona School of Agriculture. This university is the fist university in Arizona. Besides, it is now becoming the part of Association of American Universities.

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