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University Jean Moulin Lyon 3

University Jean Moulin Lyon 3

Address: 18 Rue Chevreul, 69007 Lyon, France               www.univ-lyon3.fr

One of the best college that has special integration with Lyon University system is Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University. The campus is a center for the study of humanities and law. They are famous for extreme enough for a philosophical view of the lecturers so many parties alleged that the campus maintains anti-Semitic and racist sentiment. But all these assumptions disputed by some lecturers because it turns out there are also liberal. However, the rapid development of the campus remained as they had to accommodate about 25,000 students. The number could even develop when the response to it was positive. Therefore, we consider that the study of philosophy at the University Jean Moulin Lyon 3 is the best in Europe. They are able to present featured discourse and to become a reference for other campuses. The number of teachers reached 1,800 people with 230 professors among them. While the library possessed enough to accommodate 4,000 people at one time.

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