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University of French Guiana

University of French Guiana

Address: Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe                                            www.univ-ag.fr

The development of the University of French Guiana has exceeded the initial target of the founding of the college. The new campus is established since 2014, but they’ve gotten around 1,200 students. Of course this is so much fun considering the campus is actually a merger of the two campuses. Now they are trying to develop the best education by step so as to provide a most convenient plan to be developed together. Some plan to be held together. They will be the main campus for French Guinea so easy to be the ultimate complement. Perhaps this campus still holds the best potential to provide education for every resident in Guinea. As long as they are still able to provide a decent education, we must appreciate that step. We feel that you must do several things including the development of solutions to choose the University of French Guiana as a place of study.Students can enter their preferred majors, including teacher training or engineering.

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