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Universite Sainte-Anne

Universite Sainte-Anne

Address: 1695 Route 1, Pointe-dE-I’Eglise,NS B0W 1M0, Canada

Universite Sainte-Anne is a public university that acquires “fidelitas” as the motto. It is a Canadian francophone university in the community of Pointe-de-I’Eglise, Nova Scotia. It is the only French-language university in the Maritime-Provinces in New Brunswick; the other is Universite de Moncton. It was founded on 1890 by Gustave Blanche, a EudistFather,that purposed to facilitate the higher education of Acadians in Nova Scotia. In 2003, the provincial government merged the university with College de I’Acadie, a French-language community college with campuses in Nova Scotia.

Universite Sainte-Anne is known for its French Immersion programs. It takes place year round including winter, spring, and summer intersessions. It purposes to learn the French language. If the student is speaking in any language other than French three rimes, he/she is asked to leave the program without a refund. Cultural activities and workshops are designed to allow for French to become second nature, even at a beginner level.

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