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Troy University

Troy University

Address: 600 University Ave, Troy, AL 36082, United States


Troy University is public comprehensive university. The motto states to educate the mind to think, the heart to feel, and the body to act. It lies in Troy in Alabama and the campus is placed in rural area in 650 acres or 1.9 km squares. There are over 19500 students in this university that study in bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees accredited by SACS. Four campuses of this university are able to serve the teaching learning of the students that come from 11 foreign countries and 17 countries from United States. Besides, over 100000 alumni from this campus are from 50 countries in foreign and US. Because of its ability to enroll students from many other countries in the world, Troy University is well known as international university in Alabama. Troy University was first published in 1887 named Troy normal school from 1887 to 1929, troy state teacher college in 1920 to 1957, troy state college in 1957 to 1967 and finally became troy state university in 1967 to 2005.

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