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Troy University at Montgomery

Troy University at Montgomery

Address: Montgomery, AL 36104, United States


Troy University at Montgomery is master and public university. It is also well known as satellite University. This campus has more than 3000 students there. The campus is located in Montgomery in Alabama, US specifically in the west of downtown with 7 big buildings for teaching learning process. It is leaded by Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr. Troy University at Montgomery offers three degrees, 11 programs for bachelor degree, 10 programs for master degree, and one program for doctoral degree. This campus focuses on arts and science, education, communications, business, and nursing. Most classes in this campus are in the evening. Besides, there are also online course in weekend and through TV offered.

It has former name called Troy State University at Montgomery in 1965 and was established at that time. In 2004, the word State was deleted because this university has new broader focus and unified under accreditation. It is decided to make the better learning quality.

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