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Trent University

Trent University

address: 1600 W Bank Dr, Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8, Canada               www.trentu.ca

Are you sure you were able to get a reputable college with a full orientation on art and science? Trent University to be the answer if you want to really dive in science. Trent is one of the campus that able to provide knowledge transfer to the fullest with the advanced ideal element in any development changes. Even in choosing a design, Trent University is still looking forward the elements included in the research development, Trent University is located on the banks of Peterborough in Peterborough and the Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada.It draws from this campus is a wild and open, natural reserves for wild life conversion centers became part of the campus.Spacious main campus reached 2.2 sq miles, half a nature conservation center that is often used for nature conservation projects. Trent opened the undergraduate to the graduate program, with 8,900 active students.They have 267 academic staff who are always ready to assist students in working on various projects.


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