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The University of Wuppertal

The University of Wuppertal

Address: Gaußstraße 20, 42119 Wuppertal

Universitat Wuppertal of known globally as the University of Wuppertal is one of top scientific institution in Germany. It is situated in North Rhine Westphalia, precisely in Wuppertal town. Actually, its official name is Bergische Universität Wuppertal (BUW) but we may also call it University of Wuppertal. The history began in 1972 when it was established in the heart of Wuppertal. It developed rapidly until become larger and larger. Even in 2015, it almost has 20,000 students who belong to 7 different interdisciplinary or faculties. BUW had 7 faculties which is called as the seven divisions.

  • Division A: Humanities and Cultural Studies
  • Division B: Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
  • Division C: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Division D: Architecture, Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Safety
  • Division E: Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Media Technology
  • Division F: Design and Art
  • Division G: Education and Social Sciences

Although University of Wuppertal has 3 different location, but the main campus is situated in Grifflenberg, a suburb area which is near with honeycomb breeding. BUW now has second smartest computer or known as supercomputer in Germany, named ALiCEnext.

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