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The University of North Texas (UNT)

The University of North Texas (UNT)

Address:1901 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201, United States

The University of North Texas or commonly called UNTis located in Denton. It is a public institution. It is higher education and research concerning in many fields including engineering,sciences,  liberal arts, performing arts, fine arts, public policy, humanities, and graduate professional education. It has 2 schools, 10 colleges, and 1 early admissions math and science academy for students of exceptional high school. The students can come from the state. It also has library system in the university. The researchesconducted are driven by approximately 34 programsof doctoral degree. The university had around $865 million in 2001-now. The research allocates around $40 million.The University of North Texas was established as a coeducational,nonsectarian, private teachers college since 1890.It was formalized as a state university in 1901. Located in Denton, this campus is strategic because Denton is the largest populated area in Texas. Besides, it is also a metropolitan area in the country.

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