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The University of Houston (UH)

The University of Houston (UH)

Address: 1005 Congress Ave # 820, Austin, TX 78701, United States +1 512-499-8787

The University of Houston or called as UH is a state research university. It also becomes the flagship of the University of Houston System. This university was found in 1927. It becomes the largest university number three in Texas. It has 41,000 students. Campus of The University of Houston is situated in 667 acres in southeast of Houston. By this situation, this university was popular as the park of University of Houston in 1983 until 1991. A comprehensive doctoral degree in institution in this university with high research activities is classified by the Carnegie Foundation. It has the ranking number 187 nationally ranked by the U.S. News & World Report. Besides, it also becomes the top public universities number 105. The University of Houston offers more than 300 programs of degrees with 12 academic colleges on campus. They are including programs leading to professional optometry, degrees in law, and pharmacy. The University of Houston conducts over 40 research centers.

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