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The University of Alabama (UA)

The University of Alabama (UA)

This university is a kind of public research university located as the largest and oldest university in Alabama. There are 13 divisions of academic for doctoral, master, and bachelor degrees. This university is also the UA system flagship. For doctoral program, there are many study programs offered. They are social work, romance language, music, engineering, library information, and also anthropology.

The University of Alabama (UA) was established in 1831. It became the center of educational activity when the American Civil War happened. The teaching learning in this university also ran during the American African civil right movement. What made this university be well known was its football program that was inaugurated as one of 10 winners in 1892. This university was called as Capstone after the president gave the speech there in 1913. Now this university has been considered as one of top fifty good public universities in United States according to the news and world report.

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