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Texas A&M University –Texarkana

Texas A&M University –Texarkana

Address: Texarkana, Texas, United States

West Texas A &M University, also known as WTAMU, WT, and formerly West Texas State. It is part of the Texas A&M University System and one of public university. The location is in Canyon, Texas and the distance approximately 13 miles south of Amarillo, a city of 190,695. This university is part of the Amarillo metropolitan area with a population of 268,893. It was built on September 20, 1910 and was originally popular as West Texas State Normal College. West Texas A &M University is considered a selective university that the acceptance rate is about 67.4% (2014). This university has some programs. The programs are 58 undergraduate programs, 39 master’s programs and 1 doctoral program through its 5 colleges and graduate school. This university has awarded to more than 71,000 undergraduate, graduate degree and professional degrees since 1910. It has been named “military friendly” and its academic programs and campus have been known by The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report National Geographic, Newsweek and The Daily Beast. U.S.

Texas A&M University–Texarkana, also known as Texarkana A &M and includes public university. The location is in Texarkana, Texas, United States. It is one of the newest members of The Texas A &M University System. It was first created as an upper-level center of Commerce, Texas based East Texas State University in 1971. This university received separate accreditation in 1980, and in September 1996 (when ETSU joined the Texas A &M System as Texas A&M University–Commerce), the Texarkana branch became a separate institution from the Commerce campus. Texarkana A&M University–Texarkana can be called a comprehensive regional residential institution. It is known for offering career-oriented studies, awarding undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in the areas of business administration, arts and sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and education. The students who reside in Oklahoma and Arkansas attend at in-state tuition rates, and historically there are30 percent of the student body is from Arkansas. Louisiana residents who reside in a parish that borders Texas may also attend at in-state tuition rates. This university has five colleges. The colleges are College of Education and Liberal Arts, College of Business, and College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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