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Tennessee Board of Regents

Tennessee Board of Regents

Address: 350, 1415 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37217, United States

The Tennessee Board of Regents or is often known as TBR. It is a part  of the two systems of public higher education in Tennessee. This system officially was authorized by an act of the Tennessee General Assembly passed in 1972. It is the sixth largest system of the public higher education in the United States. Actually, there are more than 80% of all Tennessee student. They are joining Tennessee public institutions that are registered at a Tennessee Board of Regents institution. There are 18 board members who follow this system. The procedure is to join this system that you must meets four times each year at regularly scheduled meetings, and the chairman may call additional meetings during the year as needed.

The members of the board are 18 members and can be divided again such as 12 lay citizens, one each from the state’s nine congressional districts and three grand divisions, one faculty member, one student from among the system institutions, and four ex officio members, the Commissioner of Education, the Commissioner of Agriculture, and the Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, who is a non-voting member.



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