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Southern Utah University (Southern Utah or SUU)

Southern Utah University (Southern Utah or SUU)

Address: 351 W Center St, Cedar City, UT 84720, AmerikaSerikat.

Southern Utah University (Southern Utah or SUU) is a public university that is located in Cedar City, Utah, United States. It is founded in 1898. Southern Utah University now graduates over 1,700 students each year with baccalaureate and graduate degrees from its six colleges. It offers some undergraduate degree and graduate program. They are eighty five undergraduate degrees and eight graduate programs. There are more than 8,000 students that attend it. In 1897, Cedar City has been chosen as the site for the Branch Normal School, because it is the region’s first teaching training school in southern Utah. In May 2013, it has 8,000 students. It is also has 261 full-time faculty members and another 102 adjunct faculty. In this university, the bachelor’s and master’s degrees that are divided into four colleges and two schools. Most student organizations are officially recognized and provided with assistance by the SUU Student Association (SUUSA). Southern Utah University is the leading student organization and provides activities throughout the school year for students.

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