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SIM University

SIM University

Address: 461 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599 491               www.unisim.edu.sg

Singapore still holds surprises through the ranks of prestigious universities, one of which is SIM University. Campus-based fields of humanities, art and social science have become one of the popular campus there. The campus is becoming one of the top priority for the citizens of Singapore when they tried to get into a university. In addition to excellent facilities, SIM also emphasizes practices and empowerment so that students more often feel the real experience when applying knowledge and theory. SIM is a private university yet received the full support of the government, especially in terms of providing scholarships to outstanding students. They have about 14,000 students 4 academic study in contrast to 50 programs that could be chosen. About 40 percent of the students come from abroad. They prioritize the elements of the approach to the community so that students are able to understand the real-world needs. They do not just dwell on the scope of mere utopian, but actually able to produce the invention can be implemented on a wide scale. SIM University became one of the ideal campus in Singapore.

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