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Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University

Address: 923 Robie St, Halifax,NS B3H 3C3, Canada

Saint Mary’s University was categorized as an old public university because it established in 1802 (214 years ago). It is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and best known for having nationally leading programs in business and chemistry. It is also one of the best Canadian women’s basketball programs. It is the second oldest English-speaking and first Roman Catholic initiated university in Canada.

 Saint Mary’s University was evaluated in 2011 and 2012 by two different national reports on post-secondary institutions in Canada. The Canadian University Report is conducted annually by the Globe and mail, and reflects the opinions of more than 33000 undergraduate students. This university’s ranks eighth overall in its category with the highest number of professors who have won national awards and has the highest percentage of full-time faculty with a PhD in Nova Scotia.

There are some notable alumni such as Alan Abraham (the former Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia), Steve Arnitage (CBC Sportscaster), Noah Cantor (Canadian Football League player), and many others.

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