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Ruskin College

Address: Dunstan Road, Old Headington, Oxford shire, England.

Ruskin’s Rookery building which is now the Ruskin College Academic Building well known as Ruskin Hall Oxford as an independent educational institution. It established in 1899. The college has mission to offer educational opportunities to adults and to change the individuals anxious along with the communities, groups and societies from which they originate, the only change having been to personalize the language (away from ‘the excluded’, who do not sound like people) in line with growing equalities awareness. The mission is  the first goal, that of giving individuals a second chance in education, continues to be achieved by admitting those with few or no formal qualifications to courses of study that can result in, or lead on to, university-level qualifications. The second goal, the transformational element is evidenced by the fact that the most recurrent thing former students say about Ruskin is that it changed their lives. Student registration at Ruskin in 2005–2006 reached their highest ever number in the college’s history. The student registration on long courses was 294 in total across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Short course registration gotten 5,187 in total, including trade union courses, residential short courses and the largest ever Summer School. In 2005–06, there were 78 full-time equivalent academic staff of whom 26 were teaching staff and 13 teaching support services staff. For more information about courses offered in Ruskin College click on http://www.ruskin.ac.uk/

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