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Renmin University of China

Renmin University of China

Address: 59 Zhongguancun St, Haidian, Beijing, China, 100872

Renmin University of China is listed as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China. It was founded by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 1937. It has close relationship with the communist party ever since to become renowned within China for social sciences and social policy. The graduates have risen high within communist party and this university is home to many outstanding scholars in law, economics, sociology, and journalism.

Renmin University of China is entitled 25 national key disciplines, ranks 5th of China, 13 national key research bases of humanities and social sciences, ranks fisrt of China, and 6 national teaching and research bases of arts disciplines, ranks first of China. It consists of 23 schools, 13 research institutes and the graduate school with 60 specialties for the second-bachelor’s degree students, 140 specialties for the master’s degree candidates and 92 specialties for the Doctor’s degree candidates. All of them show that this university is so prestigious and will give a bright futures for the students.

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