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Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

Address: University Rd, Belfast BT7 1NN, UK

Queen’s University Belfast is public research university that is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is often abbreviated as QUB or simply called as Queen’s. The university provides more than 300 degree programmes. The main campus is not far from the Belfast’s centre. The university also has 2 associated university colleges: Stranmillis and St Mary’s. Both colleges are sited in Belfast. The colleges mainly serve training for someone who wants to enter teaching profession. Queen’s has 3 faculties that are divided into 20 schools. Each school works as the university’s main management unit.

All students of the University are automatically the members of the Union. The student’s union is abbreviated as QUBSU. QUBSU is one of the largest unions of a single campus in United Kingdom. QUBSU provides several services, including an Advice Centre. Advice Centre is completed with full-time staff. It is aimed to help the students from some issues, such as: money problems, welfare and accommodation.


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