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Paris 8 University

Paris 8 University

Address: 2 Rue de la Liberte, 93526 Saint-Denis, France

Paris 8 University is a public university that raises ‘World University’ as its motto. It is ever been a part of the federal University of Paris system, it is now an autonomous public institution and is part of the Universite Paris Lumieres. There, most undergraduate degrees are taught in French. It is also one of the thirteen inheritors of the world’s second oldest academic institution, the University of Paris. It offers a hundreds undergraduate, graduate, and diploma courses.

Paris 8 University provides initial training and continuing educational programs as well as distance learning. It purposes in keeping with a tradition of multi-disciplinary teaching and the desire to link research and undergraduate as well as graduate courses. It has digital services that function as user guide developed by the universities of the Paris Ile-de-France Digital University (UNPIDE). This service offers general sections on the appropriate usage of digital technology and a central section.

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