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Ohio University System

Ohio University System

Address: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Ohio University is public university that is located in Athens. It is in Ohio. This university is belonging to oldest universities in Unites States. This campus has area around 1,850 acre. It is really large, exactly. And this campus accommodate for 23,300 students with many different academic programs. The Ohio University System is public and state college. This college is founded since colonial begun. It was around 1787 when the first university was purposed in congress. And this university was able to develop. Now, this university is really famous. Especially when this school was changed into Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine, this campus could get many enrollments from many students.

Talking to Ohio University System, this university has undergraduates programs and postgraduates programs also. Here, there are many academic majors with many disciplines also. This university has great activity in campus area. Then, the major of programs are divided into some programs, such as business, art and science, communication, education, fine arts, health sciences and professions, medical and graduate studies and research centers.


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