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Ohio University (Ohio) (Athens-flagship/main campus)

Ohio University (Ohio) (Athens-flagship/main campus)

Address: Athens, OH 45701, Unites States

Ohio University is (Athens-flagship/main campus) the public university that has many branch campuses. This college is the one of oldest universities in America. It has great development when we are talking about its history. But, let me make shortly. This university was established in 1787. It was begun in colonial time. After long time ago, this university got many developments, until it has 23.300students for all of campus based on 2014 enrollments.

Then, this Ohio University is (Athens-flagship/main campus) also has, any branches campus. The colleges are 5 branch campuses. The first campus in college green, the second East Green, the third campus is South Green, and the fourth is West Green. Therefore, it has really large students of it. as a heritage university, this college has academic years with undergraduates study about 250, and it offers master’s degree also with many academic years, such as doctoral degree. With great accreditation also from North Central Association of College and Schools as the good I do. Check the best more information at its website.


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