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National Heart and Lung Institute

National Heart and Lung Institute

Address: Sydney St, London SW3 6NP, United Kingdom

National Heart and Lung Instituteis a major department of Imperial College’s Faculty of Medicine and a leading research center international for investigating the mechanisms underlying many chronic diseases within the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It has five research divisions, they are Cardiovascular Science, Myocardial and Vascular Biology, Airway Disease, respiratory Sciences, and Genetic Medicine and Population Health. This major has many collaborations throughout Imperial, the UK and internationally.

National Heart and Lung Institute is led by Professor Kim M. Fox. He is an Institute of Imperial College London, Faculty of Medicine based on sites at Royal Brompton and Harefield, Hammersmith, St. Mary’s, South Kensington, and Charing Cross. The central of Institute’s interest is all aspects of heart, lung, and cardiovascular disease, and includes five divisions working in respiratory and cardiovascular research.

This major is committed to develop and deliver the excellent education and training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is also continuing professional development of its staff.

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