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Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University

Address: 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639 798               www.ntu.ed u .sg

Singapore is awesome country, they put the two universities in the flat top 20 universities in the world (Times Higher Education version). One of the campus in question is Nanyang Technological University. A public research university designed to promote quality output, good research, projects and alumnus. NTU or in Chinese: 南洋 理工 大学 (Nanya ng Lǐgōng Daxue) holds the title as the second-largest public university. They were founded in 1991, now has shown significant development of the campus is quite large. You can see from the rankings, where they are in the position 13 according to the Times Higher Education world. The number of active students reached 34,000. They were all trying to get a decent education, they also choose the subject in accordance with the interest. Now Nanyang Technological Universityruns about 6 Institutes and colleges.The number reached 1,700 academic staff (including professors).Results of research and other outputs are very beneficial for the world.The alumnus has gone to various parts of the world to be part of the system working.They managed to have a positive influence in every place.


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