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Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Address: Millersville, Pennsylvania, U.S

Millersville University of Pennsylvania is an American public universities which has a great reputation in America. It is distinguished by hard working and intelligent of the students. With 7359 undergraduate and 1068 graduate students, is offers many advantages from a university: great facilities, competitive programs, a diverse student community, and a variety of campus programming. The average class size is 25 students and the ratio of student in faculty is 18:1.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania deals that every student arrives with energy, intelligence, and promise to show the commitment of learning. This university is a best choice for people of Pennsylvania whom are motivated to apply their native intelligence and a world-class education to the challenging. Millersville’s faculty is supported in its work by University staff and leadership team which caring people into great competency and integrity.

Millersville University has a great reputation for graduating students who are well trained and ready to offer quality, and great skill to potential employers. So, it is a good choice for the smart student with the bright future.


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