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Mason Science College, Birmingham

Mason Science College, Birmingham

Address: Edmund Street, Birmingham, England

Mason Science College, Birmingham was established by Sir Josiah Mason in 1875. He was an English industrialist and philanthropist. This college was designed by JethroCossins and it located in Edmund Street, Birmingham. It was opened in 1 October 1880 and by a speech by Thomas Henry Huxley. It signed as a victory for scientific cause and supported Mason’s antagonistic views on the classics and theology.

Mason Science College, Birmingham developed liberal and vocational subjects, but forced out the artisans. The medical and scientific departments of Queen’s College Birmingham moved near this college. There was also Mental and Moral Science that was not successful despite funds being gifted specifically to support the endeavor in 1882.

There are some notable academics and alumni of this college, they are Stanley Baldwin (British Prime Minister), Sir Gilbert Barling (first Baronet physician),Edward Arber ( academic and writer), Adrian John Brown (pioneer in the study of enzyme kinetics), and there are others notable academics and alumni from this college.

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