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Johnson State College

Johnson State College

Address: 37 College Hill Rd, Johnson, VT 05656, United States

Johnson State College was established by John Chesamore at Johnson in 1828. It is a small public liberal arts college locatedin the United State of Vermont. Its president is Barbara E. Murphy that concerns about selfdevelopment for undergraduate students. The motto is education by engagement, learning by doing, and learning by teaching. It means that the student is engaged not solely on the degree program but also as adult citizen emphasizing on the place they live in. Besides, it is also about the contribution they give to their society and nation, and also in the world. The students will have a year of interdisciplinary study. After that, they have a Plan of Study file in their sophomore year. It is called as the guidance and a map for the students to completetheir degree. The programs of degrees offered are business, natural sciences, education, fine and performing arts, mathematics, health sciences, literature, hospitality and tourism management, and writing and literature.

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