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Jacobs University Bremen

Jacobs University Bremen

Address: Campus Ring 1, 28 759 Bremen, Germany               www. jacobs-university.de

A young college does not mean they have low quality. Facts prove that the Jacobs University Bremen although only founded in 2001, but they were able to show significant progress. Why so? Firstly because JUB always provide high dedication to the teaching and learning process, now they already have 1,246 master’s and doctoral level students. Teaching-Learning was process supported by 267 professors who are ready to provide knowledge and guiding in a variety of research projects. When you see the development of the campus, you will feel shocked. Although only private university, in fact many foreign students interested in studying there. There are more than 114 countries have representatives there. They are an educational institution with English as an introduction so that foreign students should not hesitate to get the science there. Now the number of faculty who provided reaches 3. Students are entitled to choose to go to one of the campus and learn there. The campus is also supported academic facilities and research centers. So there is a wide range of other research projects executed with ease without a hitch.

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